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Kitchen Utensils Display Reasonable Well-being

Many citizens begin to clean up their homes, considering the location of their belongings from scratch. and kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, spices and other items of the layout is not reasonable, may affect the health of family members. Domestic workers Li advocated, a variety of kitchen utensils in addition to adhere to the outstanding health conditions, the location is also very fastidious.

Many people have washed dishes stacked together in the cupboard, just washed the dishes stacked together in a simple water, not conducive to the ventilation of the dishes boring, easy to breed bacteria. It is argued that a dish rack can be placed next to the sink. Clean finished, put the dishes upright, put the bowl upside down on the shelf, will soon be able to dry the dishes naturally.

After washing chopsticks, the best is placed in stainless steel wire, breathable outstanding chopsticks canister, nail it to the wall or put in the ventilation, so that the water can be drained quickly. Other, probably choose the most breathable excellent tool holder to place the kitchen knives.

Seasoning bottles placed on the table is very simple to fall full of lampblack, can be installed on both sides of the stove kitchen with a basket of seasoning bottles. In this way, in the stir-fry, can be very convenient to pick and drop, but also to ensure the cleanliness of the condiment bottle.