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Dish Rack Features: (stainless Steel Dish Rack)


(1) Large storage space

  Dish racks are generally made up and down with two-tier plans. Both upper and lower floors can be used to place dishes, and 20-30 dishes can be placed at one time, leaving a large space for storage.


(2) Multiple functions

In addition to being used to place dishes, the dish rack can also be used as a draining tool. Put the dishes with water drops on the dish rack, and for a while, the water on the dishes can be drained. Dry, and drained water will be collected in the drain pan, people pull out the plate, drain the water inside just fine. In addition, some dish racks have hanging chopsticks, which can be easily disassembled to clean the bottom of the hole drain plan, to accommodate the use of chopsticks.


(3) Raw material environmental protection

Most of the dish rack plans today are made from stainless steel. This kind of raw material has good rust resistance and corrosion resistance, does not produce any substances that are harmful to the human body, and has high environmental protection.


(4) Reasonable planning

The dish rack is well-planned, and the center-to-center force planning is used. This plan ensures that the dish rack is evenly loaded. In addition, the dish rack also has a non-slip mat that not only prevents the dish rack from scratching the countertop, but also isolates the water stains on the countertop, improving the stability of the dish rack.