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Buy Bathroom Accessories Common Sense

buy-bathroom-accessories-common-sense,Let's take a look together

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A look at matching

To configure their bathroom with three-piece (bathtub, toilet, washbasin) three-dimensional style matching, but also with the faucet shape and surface coating process is consistent.

Second look at the material

Bathroom accessories both copper plated plastic products, there are copper polished copper products, more chrome-plated products, including the most high-end titanium products, followed by copper and chromium products, chrome-plated stainless steel products, chrome-plated aluminum products , Chrome-plated iron products and even plastic products. Attention when buying identification.

Three look at the coating

Bathroom pendant products, the surface coating of the framework, nowadays except for a few use of plastic plating, most of the polished copper, more is the use of chrome plating. In the chrome plating products, ordinary products coating thickness of 20 microns, a long time, the material inside is susceptible to air oxidation, and workmanship of the copper chrome plating thickness of 28 microns, its compact structure, uniform coating, the use of good effect.

Look at the style

To blend with their own style of decoration. For example, modern minimalist style decoration should be simple silver surface pendant, and European or pastoral style should choose the classical style bronze or bronze pendant, style with proper, can make the pendant fully integrated into the bathroom space, creating a comfortable and elegant Bathroom environment.

Five to see the usefulness

According to your habits to consider you need to install a few pendants, if you also use a lot of shampoo, a lot of shower gel, it is estimated that a home basket is not enough, if only installed after a very good thing Trouble. According to the size of the bathroom to determine the size of the pendant. Usually the size of the pendant are similar, such as towel bar, almost all about 60CM. Finally, the key consideration is the location, if your bathroom is small, you can not put the towel bar next to the shower, so when moving bath is very easy to touch, for convenience and in order to maximize the shower Enough space, we can install the basket in this space can be, so to ensure that when the shower can reach out, as for the towel bar, you can put a little further away from the shower area, there is a benefit Is that when you take a bath will not wet your family's towels, you can ensure health. The toilet brush and towel rack can be respectively mounted on both sides of the toilet, toilet brush can be slightly lower, and the towel rack should be sitting on the toilet can reach the height, as the double towel rack or hanging clothes Hooks, it should be installed in the corner, so that you can avoid meeting can also ensure that clothing is not wet.