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Stainless Steel Cutting Board Rack Cutting Board Holder Multi-function Cutting Board Storage Holder

Product Details

Convenient, durable, varied and high quality

Paying on detail-oriented, every welding is always do polished and make it very smoothly.

We belief only clean and tidy kitchen make you feel at home, not muddle.

Rapid and convenient 

Finest SUS304 

Comfortable environment  clean

Anti-skip base skip resistance

Strong bearing stability

Very smoothly safety



More information 




Cupboard rack    



Net weight:1.01kg   


Length :20cm   width:12.8cm   height:20.5cm 

Within 60mm cupboard 

Knife groove length :10.7cm   

knife groove width:1cm

Rust-proof no lead  no plating  food grade

More details  

1 Excellent material  health and environmental  rust-proof 

It adopts SUS304 solid stainless steel from food grade material and strongly

rust-proof, very durable to use many years.

Xinjiayuan also is used on same 304 material to make.

PK cupboard rack of thousands/month, thin material, unstable, easy to rust and short life.

2 Personal combination with knife and cupboard rack

It is the perfect match to use knife and cupboard anytime, safety and free. 

In order to make fully use of every corner, we design different model to put directly.

Xinjiayuan cupboard made by 304 stainless steel, best quality, better life.

PK cupboard rack of thousands/month, thin material, unstable, easy to rust and short life.

3 Precision works

Everyone likes it the reason is the curved design, perfect model and without any risk at all.

Stable and standing for a long time  PK cupboard on market, thin material and unstable.

304 stainless steel, rust-proof, corrosion-proof   PK 201 stainless steel or same material bowl (remain half a year)

304 stainless steel, safe and health PK Plastic or products contain chemicals, which are harmful to us.

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