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All in One Multi-function Stainless Steel Dish and Spice Hanging Storage Rack

Product Details

Universal storage of hanging or lying

Specification :


Type:Integral double-layer dish rack


Material:SUS304 stainless steel SUS304

Net weight:1.87kg



Multi-functional storage is made for a little family of three.

For condiment upper:  

On the left can put high cans (such as soy sauce and oil) 

On the right front is with two pieces of cans and back is for some lower ones.

For dishes  under-layer

It puts 8 sets of dishes and two sides hang chopsticks basket, knife and so on.

304 stainless steel is a strengthening configuration of loading bearing.

One frame, without splicing. 

Exquisite argon arc and sealing treatment ensure welding position fastening tight with 6mm frame.

Six key techniques  6:

SUS304, multi-functional , really made, hand polishing, DIY design, holding dishes.

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