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Double Layered Assembled Dish Racks Dish Drying Rack Stainless Steel Dish Storage Rack

Product Details

Updated  item:

Combined double-layer storage 

Specification :


Type:Combined double-layer storage Item :WDJ003

Material:SUS304 stainless steel SUS304

Net weight:1.73kg


Diameter:10*10 square tube5/3mm wire 

Description:Upper is for dishes, under-layer is for bowls and other sides could hang knives, chopsticks, cupboard and so on.


1、Based on human nature idea with freedom, we are carefully designed to save more space.

Flexible configuration:

Chopsticks basket, knife and cutting board......hang up what you want.

2、We are aim to provide intimate service, so always pay more attention on choosing high-quality melamine water tray to let you ease more. Also, Free melamine water tray is for you which the  bottom is provided with a tray to collect water from being filled on the surface of dishes, and the water can be drained away any time.

3、SUS304 stainless steel, good quality, strongly rust-proof, remaining primary color. 

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