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Creative Two Rows Stainless Steel Hanging Wine Cup Rack

Product Details

We got the original patent-free nail for 2-layer adjustable cup holder, that is linked to hang too. Also, according to the thickness of plate, we usually adjust the height of  cup holder, 2 rows can be linked to the normal cup 6.

Adjustable height 1.5-4cm 

Less than 4cm the board can be linked, it is apply on family wine cabinet, kitchen cabinets, screen , bar, hotel lockers, etc.

Installation as below:

First: we screw with the adjustment bar together with the cup holder by hand, and then the cup holder could stand on board;

Second: we make cup holder and layer board to deposit to laminating board, then adjust height;

Third: we lock the screws with the supplied hex wrench;

Fourth: the installation is complete, you can hang the glass.

How to buy cups correctly?

NO1: measure the size of the space 

NO1: [Image] wine cabinet measurement diagram (in order to avoid unnecessary waste and your valuable time, please first make sure size, on-demand purchase, thank you for your support)

Free drill-free installation has been easy to operate without professional carpentry

NO2: What are the requirements for the height of the wine cabinet? 

Wine cabinet height = glass height + 5cm

NO3: can you fill in the glass?

NO3:Glass base diameter of less than 9.3cm (general large glass base diameter of 6-9cm)

NO4: Will the installation be cumbersome?

Free drill-free installation has been easy to operate without professional person.

[Image] Thickness can be used between 1.5-4cm

Just two screws with a hex wrench

The screws and two bars is together with installation of the cup holder which be into the cabinet to adjust the height of locking screw.

Cup holder can be adjusted, free drill-free, that is linked to the use of thickening, super technology, tidy and beautiful.

We use superb work to conquer many customers, pay more attention to detail!

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