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Bathroom and Kitchen Seamless Hook Strong Sucker Hook Nail Free

Product Details

Vacuum strong suction cup 304 stainless steel hook = suction cup double hook

Patented waterproof sucker, is for without damage to the wall, no drill-free, super load-bearing, off warning, neat and beautiful, can be reused.

Waterproof design: it is not just strong bearing strength, as well as waterproof design, even if you directly poured water, it will not fall.

Falling warning: sucker works is to eliminate the air to form a vacuum to produce atmospheric pressure adsorption, so all sucker products is with the longer use of time, there may be decreased adsorption and eventually lead to fall off.

In the past, no body  knows when the sucker will fall, then they could not put heavy something. But now, our sucker has a fall warning.

When the red sign appears around suction button, just press the button again to resume.

Re-use without leaving marks: hook can be directly pressed, unlimited repeated usage,  not fall off long-term.


Type:Strong sucker hook


Sucker material:ABS

Hook material:SUS304 stainless steel SUS304 

Bearing limit:5kg-10kg

Color:Stainless steel metallic


kitchen, bathroom, living room, office entrance, wardrobe, glass doors, etc .;

Adsorption scope:

glass, mirror, paint wood, smooth tile and other smooth surface can be do ;

Auxiliary stickers: Xinjiayuan sucker auxiliary stickers is in the concave on the wall, so hook more stable.

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